The Sci-Fi Utopia and Why We Will Never Achieve It

Report by Dirk Wessels

Have you ever watched Star Trek or one of these Sci-Fi sequence? They encounter a new race in some distance galaxy whose language they cannot comprehend, but they are in a position to hold their tiny communicator close to this alien engineering and download the complete computer’s database. For a modern day consumer such as myself, that sounds like absolute utopia.

Unfortunately I do not reside in the Sci-Fi earth. I dwell in a earth exactly where one particular cellular phone manufacturer can’t even standardize on the dimensions of the connector for their cellphone chargers. Every time you replace your cellular phone, you can throw absent your previous charger, even if the new phone is from the identical producer. If a single firm can’t standardize on a dimension or form for a tiny connector, how can we ever before obtain an business regular? The identical applies to memory cards. My brother’s laptop has a 5-in-1 card reader and however the initial memory card he tried in there, one from his mobile cellphone, did not suit. I went to get two new light bulbs the other day and believed I had a very good concept of the shape and dimensions, but you can envision what occurred when I acquired residence. If I seem about the residence and office I can give you limitless examples of things that carry out the exact same operate, but have diverse shapes and measurements.

Wouldn’t it be great if the man who invented (and promoted) the USB (Universal Serial Bus) could be voted in as president of the world? But it won’t transpire, now will it? Due to the fact the earth is driven by capitalism and capitalism says that a different sized connector for their charger will boost their accessory product sales.

This brings us to the subsequent point in the Star Trek utopia. Other than for the occasional villain, the human race has advanced previous greed and the need for a financial method. I haven’t quite figured it out, but it looks like they are driven only by the want to discover and far better themselves. I know I know, it’s Sci-Fi so what did you count on? However, surely we can make some progress from in which we are now. In my earth though, it seems as if we are consistently hunting for good reasons to fight with our neighbors and everything is driven by greed and selfishness. I wake up at 4 ‘o clock every single single morning so that I can get to the workplace just after five due to the fact I cannot take care of the traffic. If you put your indicator on to change lanes, people will accelerate to make sure that you can not fit into their lane. Didn’t you know, “It’s MY lane and only I deserve to generate in this lane”? The band Dwell has a song named “I want to dance with you” with a phrase that says “the Karmic ocean dried up and left no trace”. I feel they hit the nail on the head there. Similar to Black Eyed Peas’ song “In which is the Really like?”.

I consider we’re headed in the incorrect direction. The frustration with technological innovation is practically nothing but that, a minor bit of stress. However, it feels to me as if the human race has no need to improve ourselves. If I look around me I see selfishness. Every little thing is about ME, I, “how will this advantage ME?”. When I seem at the media I see an frame of mind of “What can I get absent with”. Robert Mogabe can get away with nearly anything and that’s exactly what he does. The military in Burma can do whichever they want and so they do. The globe governments know what we’re carrying out to our planet, but I consider their frame of mind is to believe up some new convention to make it seem to be like they care, as lengthy as it does not impact their economy. So I’m a tiny damaging about this planet of ours, when’s the subsequent flight to Mars? Oh wait, this is not my Sci-Fi Utopia, this is reality.

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