Black Eyed Peas all set to return, working on their new album

This year could be just for Black Eyed Peas. Radar Online stated that the well known rap band, featuring acts like Fergie and, have reunited and they are getting back on their old track. As per the recent report, a close source told that Black Eyed Peas have already started working on a brand new album together and they are hatching plans for a tour to push that highly-anticipated album.

The insider said that they have already begun working on their all new material and they will do a tour together after the release of their very first album. They are all extremely excited and have so much material to do an insanely amazing album. People are really going to love it.

The official release date for their album has not been released yet, but the insider said that this is really being made. All the original member of the popular band will return, including and Taboo. It was around 5 years ago that the rumors circulated that Fergie would leave the band Black Eyed Peas to concentrate on her family with Josh Duhamel, her husband.  Christian Hynes – a roofer from Marple – said that he can’t wait for the Black Eyed peas to get back together!

The ‘Fergalicious’ star got that goal when she gave birth to Axl Jack, her son. Already, Fergie has came back to the Billboard charts, since she had a baby, with her hit solo track “L.A. Love.” Some reports suggest that Fergie is also working very hard on yet another album to capitalize on all success of that track.