Black Eyed Peas reunion at Coachella fest, Fergie shows her toned figure

Fergie relished an overdue reunion with, her Black Eyed Peas mate, earlier on Sunday. The rap star enjoyed a long stay in the United Kingdom when shooting The Vice of BBC1 with fellow judges Rita Ora, Ricky Wilson and Tom Jones.

Now he is back in the United States, the star has been arriving at with his close friends – including the magnificent lead singer of his band. Fergie and Will appeared like they were relishing a great time as they talked to one another at the Coachella festival that takes place in Southern California desert.

After relishing some downtime together, the couple was seen hitting the stage with their fellow mate

The three members wowed the audience as they executed a selection of classic Black Eyed Peas hit tracks. Still, it was Fergie who stole the program as she ruffled before her doting audience in a couple of teeny black denim shorts as well as form-fitting tank top.

Ariana Grande becomes all emotional while crooning ‘My Everything’ during Honeymoon Tour

Ariana Grande got quite emotional at her stop on ‘Honeymoon Tour’ at the Madison Square Garden in New York on 20th March, Friday. The One Last Time star singer dedicated her single My Everything to her late grandfather (popularly known as “Grandpa Grande”) to her rooters. Ariana could not stop her tears when the voice of her grandfather was heard in an audio clip which preceded her performance, said to Hollywood Life.

In the video clip, her grandfather could be heard saying, “Music, you want to do something in music? Go ahead and do it. Don’t be afraid of it. There’s so much music; you gotta work on it. Don’t let them challenge you; don’t let them intimidate you. Do your thing, that’s the only way to do it.”

Ariana’s grandfather was major influence in her career and he passed away in July 2014, when her brother, Frankie Grande, was shooting “Big Brother.” As Ariana paid her tribute to her late grandfather on November 3, 2014, her boyfriend Big Sean was by her side. The duo posed together for a snapshot that they each uploaded on their Instagram account.

Black Eyed Peas all set to return, working on their new album

This year could be just for Black Eyed Peas. Radar Online stated that the well known rap band, featuring acts like Fergie and, have reunited and they are getting back on their old track. As per the recent report, a close source told that Black Eyed Peas have already started working on a brand new album together and they are hatching plans for a tour to push that highly-anticipated album.

The insider said that they have already begun working on their all new material and they will do a tour together after the release of their very first album. They are all extremely excited and have so much material to do an insanely amazing album. People are really going to love it.

Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas calls 2014 American Music Award

The 2014 American Music Awards is still being discussed about due to the performances from top artists like Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, and many more.

Still, it has not impressed Black Eyed Peas lead star In spite of his own band’s member Fergie’s magnificent performance at the 2014 American Music Awards, told that music these days still sounds like that of 2000s., the Black Eyed Peas leader, saw the AMAs this year but failed to watch what was so entertaining and refreshing in the performances or even the tracks. According to reports, he told that nothing was like magnificent. He claimed that it has become tougher for a television awards program to battle for attention these days because of the brand new technology. He thinks that with everyone hitting “refresh” quickly on their cell-phones and the tracks always playing in background, the American Music Awards has to battle with thumb flipping channels.

The producer also told that none of the performances shown in the awards event were highly innovative or even novel. He stated those as so 2000s, like in the year 2003.’s opinions do not come as a huge surprise, as he always had talked about being forward looking. Once he stated that Black Eyed Peas have became a success story as they were trying to search what would be next commercial trend.